Simply better than the rest | Honda CR-V

BY Joel Tam

Looking to get an SUV for this new year? You'd be spoilt for choice in this current sea of offerings that carmakers have to offer. But which one is best? 

Photos: Joel Tam

For its class and price-point, we find it hard to find anything else that beats Honda's new CR-V. Currently in its fifth generation, Honda's Comfortable Runabout Vehicle (CR-V) is in its best iteration yet. Here are some clear-cut reasons why you should be considering a CR-V if you…

… appreciate luxury
Step into the new CR-V, and you'll be greeted by a stylish and spacious interior that feature quality materials with a contemporary design. Contrasting satin-finished wood grain panels line the interior against the dark-coloured leather seats, providing the CR-V with an upscale ambience like no other Japanese SUV in its class.

The supportive and handsomely sculpted front seats hug occupants in all the right places, and the finishings on all the interior panels have a premium and supple finesse to them.

… appreciate technology
Convenience, we all want it, but the CR-V lives it. Experience a seamless motoring lifestyle with Keyless Smart Entry with the One-push Start button when you're about to drive off, then when you're parked and ready to leave, a Walk Away Auto Lock function locks the car once you are 2.5 metres away from it. 

What we really appreciated was the 7-inch touchscreen display audio unit that features an in-built Android Auto and Apple CarPlay system. The same display unit also feeds you footage from the Honda LaneWatch system that provides an enhanced view of the passenger side's roadway. 

… appreciate safety
Nothing is more important than getting you and your passengers safely to your destination, and Honda Sensing will make sure of that. Packed with a host of safety tech, the new CR-V leads the way in this aspect. Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow allows the driver to car in front of you at set intervals, reducing the need to change your speed manually. In addition to that, the Collision Mitigation Braking System with Forward Collision Warning will help you to brake when the system senses an unavoidable collision with the vehicle in front of you. 

Lane Keeping Assist System will adjust your steering and bring you back within your lane in the event your car deviates off the line and the Road Departure Mitigation System uses a camera to identify road markers and alerts you if you stray off path. It even applies the brakes to help slow the car down. 

That's not all. Concerned over the recent rainy and stormy weather? No worries, Agile Handle Assist works like a traction control feature to ensure your car stays on course in slippery conditions by modulating your brake and acceleration input. Brilliant!

… appreciate performance
Imagine having the responsiveness of a 2.5-litre power-plant but enjoying the efficiency of a 1.5-litre engine. That's what the turbocharged Earth Dreams 1.5L DOHC VTEC® TURBO unit offers. Pushing a potent 193 PS of power and a punchy 243Nm of torque from as low as 2,000 rpm, the CR-V is quick around town and will cruise effortlessly on the highways too.

… appreciate practicality
Especially here in Singapore, cars have to be-all and do-all. The CR-V fulfils that, and more! Offering copious amounts of space and with the option to have seven seats, it leads its class in cargo volume and luggage space. Easily fit all your sports gear, mountain bike, picnic chairs, and more or fold up the seats to make a full 7-seater configuration for the whole family.

For the ultimate convenience, the rear hatch features an electronic boot-lid function as well; you can even open the tailgate hands-free with a kick-motion under the rear bumper. Then there are the practical compartments around the car too – the centre console features a large recess big enough to fit a small bag, and there are wide trays upfront and on the side that will hold your wallet, keys and mobile phones. Neat!

With all these strong points going for it, the new CR-V is a clear class-leader in this segment. If you're in the market for an SUV, be sure to head down to the Kah Motor showrooms. For more information, call 6840 6888 or visit