New And Improved Goodyear Wrangler AT/SA

BY Burnpavement

Goodyear Malaysia has recently introduced the new and improved range of all-terrain SUV and 4X4 tyre - the Wrangler AT/SA.

The new and improved Wrangler AT/SA features the SilentArmor Technology which provides rugged toughness in difficult terrain while reducing road noise. It’s also boasts reinforced durability of two layers made with DuPont Kevlar, a material that is five times stronger than steel and Durawall sidewall which enhances cut resistance in the sidewalls.

The new Wrangler AT/SA also comes with an enhanced silica tread compound that extends tread life and provides up to 20% more mileage than its previous version. Also, the Wrangler AT/SA has been designed with a specific bead area configuration that ensures that the tyre sits firmly on the rim reducing rim slippage for minimal balancing throughout the life of the tyre. The enhanced silica tread compounds, in combination with the highly bladed tread design, provides additional traction on all surfaces regardless of dry or wet conditions. The Kevlar overlay and unique Durawall Sidewall compound delivers maximum strength that can only be found in Goodyear tyres.

The two-ply sidewall construction of the newly improved Wrangler AT/SA reinforced with Durawall technology and Sidewall compounds reduces the risk of cuts and tears for the most severe terrains. The off-road traction is ensured by three important tread elements (1) the open intermediate rib design allows the vehicle to plough through soft surfaces (2) the multiple biting edges that grips in off-road condition and (3) deep shoulder notches that provides that extra grip needed in tough conditions. SUV and 4X4 truck owners can rest assured that the Wrangler AT/SA is nothing short of superior durability in withstanding road hazards and infinite stability.