The scene at Hall 9 (out of 11) on Saturday afternoon, when a total of nearly 127,000 people thronged Tokyo Auto Salon’s 4,200 booths.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2020: Part 1

BY Marcus Lim

The Japanese tuning scene is ever-evolving. Just as you think there's nothing else they can do, the Japanese don't disappoint - as our trip to TAS 2020 revealed.

Ask anyone with a passing interest in Japanese cars, and it's highly likely that they've heard about Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS). Similar to the SEMA show in the USA, TAS is a showcase of the biggest names in the Japanese car parts and tuning scene, with everyone from Bridgestone to HKS to R's Racing, and everything else in between.

As you'd expect, the new Toyota A90 Supra was the car that everyone displayed in their booths, but there were a ton of other cool cars scattered across the 11 halls, 4,200 booths, and 72,000 square metres (yes, you read that right) of TAS 2020.

With over 800 vehicles exhibited this year, we couldn't possibly showcase everything - so here's the first part of our handpicked selection of the cool metal we saw!

The scene at Hall 9 (out of 11) on Saturday afternoon, when a total of nearly 127,000 people thronged Tokyo Auto Salon’s 4,200 booths.

The scene at Hall 9 (out of 11) on Saturday afternoon, when a total of nearly 127,000 people thronged Tokyo Auto Salon’s 4,200 booths.

Toyota GR Yaris
Produced for Toyota’s 2021 WRC efforts, this 268 bhp, four-wheel drive, six-speed manual GR Yaris is the second model in Toyota’s Gazoo Racing lineup after the Supra.

D2 Racing Sports' Toyota A90 Supra
Aftermarket brake kit and suspension manufacturer D2 Racing Sports showcased an A90 Supra demo car fitted with their ‘Masa-Spec’ dampers and big brake kit.

Garage Vary's Mazda Demio & Mazda Axela
Aero parts company Garage Vary and their take on the latest Mazda Demio and Axela (that’s the Mazda2 and Mazda3 in our market) – both fitted with a rather sharp looking lip kit and lowered with big wheels!

1048Style's Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche 993
Tuning shop 1048Style had this attention grabbing 911 by polarizing Porsche tuner Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) right up front - the ‘Rough Rhythm’, a Martini-liveried, RSR-inspired 911 (993).

HKS' Toyota A90 Supra #1
One of two A90 Supras at legendary tuning firm HKS’ booth, this unit won an award for ‘Best Concept Car’ in the Tokyo International Custom Car Contest held at TAS! Fitted with HKS’ wide body kit and bright red Advan R6 wheels, we can see why it was a winner.

HKS' Toyota A90 Supra #2
Legendary tuning firm HKS’s classic livery seems to work well on any car, and the A90 Supra is no exception – especially so when the said Supra has HKS’ wide body kit and a massive chassis-mounted wing fitted to it!

IPF's Suzuki Jimny Pendleton Edition
Lighting equipment manufacturer IPF Corporation joined in the fun with their Jimny Pendleton edition, decked out with light bars and fog lamps from their product catalog.

Varis' Toyota A90 Supra 'ARISING-I'
The milder of two A90 Supras at famed aero parts manufacturer Varis’ booth, this rather civilian unit had just the basics fitted to it – the Varis ‘ARISING-I’ body kit, a vented bonnet, and a Varis ‘STREET-II’ GT wing.

Varis' Toyota A90 Supra 'Supreme90'
Varis debuted a madder version of the A90 Supra at TAS 2020, dubbed the Supreme90 – fitted with a wild wide body kit, which adds 85mm to the front and 140mm to the rear of Toyota’s new coupe. Varis have also fitted to their showcar a carbon fibre diffuser, and an equally massive 1800mm carbon GT wing at the rear.

Varis' Toyota JZA80 Supra 'Supreme'
Despite the A90 Supra being the star of the show, Varis hadn’t forgotten the A80 Supra – with this unit sporting their ‘Supreme’ wide body kit and a Rothmans-style livery.

Outclass Japan's Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki custom shop Outclass Japan with their take on the Jimny, with the decals and front grille adding a touch of retro-chic.

Yokohama Wheels' Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S
Yokohama Wheels showed off their new wheel, the Advan Racing TC-4, on a lightly modified Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S).

Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign
Drawing in the crowd at Nissan’s booth was the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign, based on the latest Nissan GT-R NISMO. With only 50 produced, the GT-R50 was built in commemoration of the 50th anniversaries of the GT-R in 2019 and Italdesign in 2018.