Ever wondered how an Audi is made?

BY Alvin Tan

AudiStream takes you on a virtual journey into the production of the brand from Ingolstadt.

There is so much science, technology, design, engineering and behind-the-scenes processes/efforts that goes into manufacturing an automobile that we so often take for granted. Naturally, we are ecstatic to learn that Audi is the first manufacturer to offer online interactive factory tours (at the Ingolstadt site) with effect from Wednesday, 12th February 2020. From the comfort of your own homes or even on the go, you can learn how an Audi is made from production commencement to the last manual operation at the final assembly stage. Questions? Fret not! An experienced tour guide is present to accompany the virtual tour, share exclusive knowledge and answer any questions you may have on the live stream.

With AudiStream, we look forward to comprehensive insights into designated production phases at Audi in Ingolstadt. Are you ready to view the Audi A3 Bodyshop or even the Audi A4 Assembly line? Register your tour at www.audi.stream today.