SP Group Offers EV Full Charging

BY Burnpavement

Electric vehicle (EV) users can now fully charge their vehicles in 30 minutes at SP Group’s island-wide charging network.

With the largest number of fast direct current (DC) chargers. SP will be Singapore’s largest public EV charging network with 1,000 points, including 250 DC charging points.

SP’s first batch of 38 charging points will be located at commercial buildings, industrial sites and educational institutions. The locations are close to amenities such as food centres, offering drivers greater convenience while waiting for their vehicles to be charged. There are 19 high-powered 50kW DC charging points and the other 19 are 43kW alternating current (AC) charging points. These are among the fastest EV charging points in Singapore.

“Our nation-wide public charging network offers EV drivers fast charging, with greater convenience and a seamless experience through our digital solution, at cost-competitive rates. This will encourage wider adoption of green mobility in Singapore, and enable drivers to save cost,” said Mr Wong Kim Yin, Group Chief Executive Officer of SP Group. EV drivers can use SP Group’s charging service through the SP Utilities mobile application where they can search for the nearest available charging points, receive updates on their charging sessions and make payment.

The 50kW DC chargers can fully charge a car in 30 minutes. Over the next few years, SP will introduce more high-powered DC charging points of up to 350kW. Other than SP’s, there are six other DC chargers in Singapore. SP’s new additions will be a game-changer in improving the charging turnaround time for EV drivers in Singapore. EV drivers can also enjoy at least 50 per cent cost savings compared to typical Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles for every kilometre travelled. The cost of using SP charging points will be regularly adjusted, mainly influenced by the prevailing electricity costs in Singapore.