Smoke On The Water! | Stamford Tyres D Experience Drift Clinic

BY Joel Tam

Stamford Tyres in conjunction with D Experience, held an awesome drift clinic on Sunday, giving participants a chance to create both smoke in the dry and water spray after the rain!

Photos: Joel Tam

Drivers who prefer to go sideways got a chance to hone their skills at the recent Stamford Tyres D Experience Drift Clinic held at the expansive Changi Exhibition Centre.

Guided by local drift gurus from D Expereince were Jansen Tan, Adam Toh and Felix Lim. To make things even better, the Prince of Drift himself, Tengku Djan Ley, was a guest instructor at the clinic. The 21 participants who turned up couldn't ask for more. A theory lesson kicked things off, with Tengku Djan explaining the basics of drifting to all the drivers. Even as an onlooker, I found myself learning alot. Everything from the ideal seating position to basic car set-ups was covered.

First half of the day was dedicated to practicing and familiarisation of the circuit. While instructors tried to seperate the newbies from the season drifters. As noon approached, the dry hazy weather was replaced with a heavy downpour, which definitely made the rest of the event more exciting. Wet weather is always welcomed by drifters as it makes it easier on the tyres, but handling the car requires a new level of delicacy. But all in all it was a good (D) experience, coupled with the guidance from instructors, the free reign and space to go all out and burn rubber - sideways always!

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