Lexus Leasing Options with LEX'PLORE

BY Alvin Tan

From $2,191 a month, owning a Lexus doesn’t get any better with LEX’PLORE!

Launched on 29th Nov, the LEX'PLORE program is marketed as a smart ownership initiative that enables drivers to own a quality Luxury vehicle without having to fork out a significant down payment. Applicable models are Lexus UX IS, ES and NX. "LEX'PLORE is an initiative aimed at drivers who wish to enjoy the freedom of owning a car without having to make a significant down payment as with typical vehicle purchases. Customers will own their Lexus at the end of the programme, or they can also choose to sell it back to us for a very attractive amount," says Samuel Yong, Director of Marketing and Business Strategy, Borneo Motors Singapore.

Here, customers enjoy up to $67,000 cash back at the end of the programme. With a focus on the ownership journey, Lexus has packaged attractive benefits such as 12 months of road tax, $2000 worth of service credits, a low insurance excess of $200. With no impact on the Total Debt Servicing Ratio, this programme looks to be a "slam dunk"!

Charity Basketball Challenge with Chase!

Charity Basketball Challenge with Chase!

As part of the launch, members of the public were invited to a charity basketball challenge with Singaporean actor and National Basketball player Chase Tan. Proceeds from the match were donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore. Are you ready to LEX'PLORE?