Goodyear Launches Eagle EfficientGrip

BY Burnpavement

The new Eagle EfficientGrip is Goodyear’s quietest, most comfortable tyre ever.

The leading tyre company’s latest innovation is engineered with advanced “Quiet Tred” technology to minimize road noise and help deliver a silky smooth ride, without compromising safety which is the hallmark of all Goodyear tyres. Designed for luxury car drivers in Singapore who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban environment when they step into their cars, the new Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip can help make the journey more quiet and smooth.

Thanks to “Quiet Tred” technology, Goodyear's Eagle EfficientGrip achieves a long lasting quiet ride. A closed shoulder design helps to reduce both tyre wear and the audible radiated noise from both inside and outside of the car. A balanced block distribution facilitates smoother tread block entering into the ground for lower impact noise while the perpendicular edge blading gradually reduces the block stiffness, lowering the block vibrations and reducing the radiated noise. Contributing to the smoothness of the ride is an active vibration dampening carcass whereby a stiff base under the tread and an absorbing rubber gum strip soaks up the tyre vibrations, reducing impact of road irregularities. Based on internal subjective, and interior and exterior instrumented noise tests versus leading Goodyear tyres in its class under urban driving conditions, the Eagle EfficientGrip is Goodyear's quietest and most comfortable tyre ever. These noise tests were conducted on size 205/55 R16 by the company’s GIC*L Product Performance Department in Thailand.

Performance wise, the Eagle EfficientGrip is designed for maximum control in all year round driving conditions and reduced wet-braking distances for rock-solid vehicle stability. With a high number of biting edges gripping the road surface for greater traction, the tyre is built with the maximum ratio of blading in the contact patch to achieve safer cornering and maximum grip in all driving conditions. Based on external tests on wet-braking performance, the Eagle EfficientGrip outperforms a leading competitor in its class. This wet-braking test was conducted by TÃœV SÃœD Automotive GmbH in Mireval, on size 205/55 R16 on a low mu wet asphalt surface, and showed that the Eagle EfficientGrip indeed reduces wet-braking distances of up to 1.7 metres versus a leading competitor. The Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip is available in 17 sizes in 45 — 65 series, 15-17 inch rims with V, W and Y speed ratings.