Give me a Boost! Honda Accord 2.0 JDM

BY Burnpavement

The owner of this Honda Accord regretted not getting an Euro R instead. So he turbocharged it. Yeah ok, I guess that'll work too.

Photos: Joel Tam

The approach was crystal clear. This wasn't supposed to be a drag racing machine or time-attack project car. Mike (not his real name) just wanted something with more power, and more importantly, more torque. He wanted something comfortable that he could waft along the highway instead of a bum-busting hard ride, yet when he planted his foot down, he wanted the car to really GO!

And 'GO' it does, thanks to a HKS turbocharging system, complete with a front-mount intercooler. It's a very clean job I might add, done by one of Singapore's more reputable workshops.

The interior is a mix of VIP luxury and gangsta bling. While the Accord might not be the first car to come in mind for this sort of setup (I personally think having a VIP styled Mark X and turbocharging that sweet 2.5 V6 would be a setup to die for), nonetheless, I must say the overall result is pretty impressive. Everything was planned and put together over a few months, he is shopping for a new set of wheels and a new big brake kit.

We hope to bring you more photos when that happens.