Cars & Kopi – Cars & Coffee with a local flavour

BY Marcus Lim

For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

Every few months, the car park in front of Dome Café at Dempsey Hill transforms into a hive of activity beginning at 8:00 am on a weekend morning. What would compel people to wake up before sunrise on a weekend morning, you ask? Well what else, but cars!

This past Saturday, over 50 cars converged upon the area, with some gathered even before the cafés opened their doors. As the morning progressed, cars of all shapes slowly trickled in – from modern machinery such as a Volkswagen Golf GTI, to track-ready Mazda MX-5s, and even to models with only one local surviving example, such as an Audi Quattro and Subaru Legacy RS.

We’ve put together a small gallery of images of cars present last Saturday. Enjoy!