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Bridgestone Ecopia EP300 Tyre Test (Part 1)

BY Azfar Hashim

Can the EP300 withstand a sporty, compact hatchback? Lets see...

Photos by Azfar Hashim

Just two weeks ago, Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore launched their new all-rounder, the Ecopia EP300 tyre. Although marketed as an eco tyre, Bridgestone claimed they have integrated other elements to make it the one tyre tasked to do it all; hence the tagline 'When You Want It All'.

The predecessor to the EP200, the EP300 is said to improve your car's fuel efficiency, provide better grip in the wet and - the most important factor to value-conscious consumers - lasts longer. In an internal test done at Bridgestone's Thai proving ground, the EP300 actually travelled 11.2 kilometres further, per tank.

Unique to the EP300 is a new polymer integrated into the construction of the tyre: Called 'NanoPro-Tech', it enhances wet grip by providing wider contact area over wet surfaces. This new technology compliments the new tread pattern, which was designed by Bridgestone to minimise hydro-planing, improve handling and reduce noise. That said, the tread pattern is also said to better control tyre deformation.

Well I have just gotten my Suzuki Swift Sport fitted with the new Bridgestone Ecopia EP300, in size 195/55 R-15. For someone used to street tyres who cares only about grip, grip and more grip, this is actually a whole different thing altogether: Can it reach my expectations, the sort I'm used to expecting and getting? Am I going to regret the decision for getting something I'm not used to?

It remains to be seen, and I will update this space to let you know about the latest all-rounder to reach Singapore's tyre market.

For a start, I'm enjoying the fact that the cabin is a quieter and more relaxing place to be in; no more tyre roar (normally associated with high-performance tyres with directional grooves) and I don't have to blast my audio system just to enjoy some music particularly when driving along the expressway...