An Italian Affair | Lamborghini Esperianza

BY Joel Tam

"What's the point of buying a sports car when you have nowhere to drive it in Singapore?" Heard that question before?

We all have. That question doesn't just come from those who can't afford one - even the wealthy feel the same way. Which is why our recent romp with Lamborghini at the Sepang circuit was the perfect setting to test out the Huracan and the new Aventador S. So if you're ever fortunate enough to be able to afford a Lamborghini, you'll be happy to know that it'll bring you a smile when you take it out on the track. 

The Aventador S is the latest edition to the family and the epitome of everything that Lamborghini stands for. So to make it simple, we've summarized our experience with the top-of-the-line Lamborghini in five simple words. What better way than to describe them around the abbreviation of L.A.M.B.O.

L is for Lightning-quick - Like all Lamborghinis, the Aventador is fast. With 30 bhp more, the S pushes a crazy 730bhp and 690Nm of torque. The 6.5-litre V12 powerplant enables the car to hit the 100km/h mark in just 2.9 seconds from standstill and it will reach 200 km/h mark in 8.8 seconds. Then onto 350 km/h if the roads allow.

A is for Agile - But it's not just quick, it's very nimble (for a large car) too. Around the 5.5 km long Sepang track, the Aventador S feels right at home. Gripping hard around the 15 turns and blasting comfortably past down the two main straights. A prior drive in the Huracan showed some twitchiness in the steering and reaction of the baby-Lambo, but there was no such thing on the Aventador. The flagship model was easy to handle and displayed control throughout the track. Be it hard braking, aggressive throttle stomping, sharp or gentle steering inputs, the Aventador was a breeze to manage.

M is for Majestic - What's a Lamborghini without those scissor-doors? Reserved only for the V12 models, Aventador owners get to have a one-up from Gallardo and Huracan drivers. Keep one door up, step back and admire how gorgeous the S looks. With cobra-like fangs upfront and a slightly resculpted face, this is one Lambo you'll want to get out of the way as it breathes down your rear view mirror. It's not just about ferocity too, it somehow manages to look classy and grand, especially in darker colours and specced with the new meshed / mutli-spoked wheels.

B is for Brutal - Brap, brap braaaapppp and away! Listen to that V12 howl and roar as you gun down the straight. The Aventador S is an orgasmic and brutal machine. How brutal? Well that's up to you. You can set it to the various driving modes via buttons on the centre console. Strada, Sport and Corsa are the options in this EGO selector. Yes, EGO - because it's all about you, the driver.

O is for Ostentatious - Admit it. You'd buy one because it is. While it may not sound like an entirely positive thing, you can't avoid the fact that this Lamborghini, any Lamborghini, is ostentatious. Thankfully, the extravagance is also seen on the inside. The last thing you want to have is a car that looks wild, drives well, but is a pain to be in. The Aventador S is adorned with lots of cool gadgetry, top-end leather and space. Yes, space. So even long drives are bearable.

The Aventador has been accused of being too easy to drive and losing the 'animalistic plot' from the Lambos of old (the sort that used to threaten disrespect with, erm, death). I'm not sure that's a bad thing. To me, modern cars are meant to be just that - modern. Even an exotic machine needs to have the daily-needs boxes ticked. Having taken it out on the track, I'm happy to report that it won't kill you either.