Revamped Home For BMW

BY Azfar Hashim

Local distributor promises better customer experience with their renovated showroom

Performance Motors Limited has opened the doors of its newly renovated BMW showroom at Sime Darby Performance Centre located in Alexandra Road. With the launch of this new generation of showrooms, PML will also be introducing 'Future Retail', a comprehensive BMW Group programme, at this centre.

With Future Retail, the BMW Group has a number of objectives namely increase customer satisfaction, strengthen customers’ knowledge of products and technologies and improve efficiency. This entails a whole range of initiatives and tools that BMW has implemented in hopes of setting new standards for retail in the automotive industry.

From new digital communication equipment, such as the Virtual Product Presentation (VPP) device, to an all-new café area and a new kids’ corner on the first floor, customers are immersed in an engaging and interactive retail environment.

The first new initiative is the introduction of the 'BMW Genius' (BG). The BG's role is to better support customers with in-depth product knowledge as well as enabling the customer to better utilise and configure products based on their particular needs. BGs are equipped with a tablet that allows for product configuration and in-depth explanation of features supported by visuals and films. Furthermore, as BGs do not have sales targets, customers interacting with them enjoy a pressure-free discussion during which they can take as much time as they like to find out about BMW, its various products and technologies.

Another new initiative is the Virtual Product Presentation (VPP) device. This enhances the sales experience for both the customer and the showroom employees; with a tablet-app known as the Mobile Customiser and the VPP, the Mobile Customiser enables car configurations to be transferred wirelessly onto a high-definition 3D display in a highly realistic and detailed representation. Customers no longer have to rely on their imagination, or need to see in person the colors, options, and packages they have chosen for their new BMW.

With the addition of the BMW Kids Dome, Adults can immerse themselves in an uninterrupted visit knowing that their little ones are kept busy at the BMW Kids Dome. Young visitors can occupy their time with BMW Baby Racers, the BMW DVD system, books and art materials in a dedicated area while parents take a closer look at the cars or converse with the Sales Consultants.

In addition, PML has launched 'Performance Care', a fully integrated mobile web application to offer customers a comprehensive suite of services anytime, anywhere through their mobile phones (Android and IOS). These services include the booking of service appointments; selecting the preferred service centres, dates, timings and Customer Service Advisors; tracking status of cars during servicing; submitting enquiries; and browsing the catalogues.