Taxi 'Cabtains' Promoting Good RoadSense

BY Azfar Hashim

The Traffic Police and National Taxi Association comes together, initiating a new road safety campaign

Photos courtesy of Singapore Police Force

With more than 28,000 taxis in Singapore, taxi drivers are among the most frequent road users on our island's road network. As such, they are well positioned to be road safety influencers, assuming the roles of 'cabtains' of safety.

In a unique partnership with 3M Singapore and supported by taxi operators ComfortDelGro Taxi and SMRT Taxis, quotes from taxi drivers are affixed on the bumpers of 500 taxis and will include road safety messages and also personal tips on what constitutes good RoadSense.

Additionally, following the successful trial involving more than 3,800 ComfortDelGro taxis that used Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) to alert its drivers when approaching red light and fixed cameras, this initiative will extend to both taxi companies.

The Traffic Police invites all road users to join the online conversation at the Use Your RoadSense Facebook page. Support this movement by visiting https://www.facebook.com/roadsense.sg for more details.