Go Further with the new Shell FuelSave Diesel

BY Burnpavement

Shell Singapore launches its new formulation of diesel fuel, designed to help improve engine efficiency and longevity.

After impressing the owners of sports and performance cars with the performance of its V-Power Nitro+ petrol fuel last year, Shell Singapore is now looking to do the same with a totally different segment of the market, with its FuelSave Diesel fuel.

The new FuelSave Diesel replaces its predecessor, regular Shell Diesel at no extra cost. The new fuel features Active Efficiency Ingredients, which are designed to combust more quickly, thus capturing more of the energy in the fuel and increasing engine efficiency — literally giving you more bang for your buck.

Furthermore, FuelSave Diesel also contains special detergents that help prevent deposit build-up on the injectors, keeping them clear and prolonging the engine’s efficiency and longevity. In this picture, Shell Fuel Scientist Mae Ascan demonstrates how a clogged injector impairs performance.

Apart from the new fuel, Shell Singapore also announced the opening of the new Shell Tuas, the first service station in the Tuas South industrial area, as well as the Shell Fleet Card, featuring cashless payment and enhanced security features that provide more convenience and peace of mind for business owners.

Aarti Nagarajan, General Manager, Retail Sales and Operations for Shell Singapore, said, \"Having been in Singapore for 125 years, we understand that fuel is one of the biggest cost factors for fleet businesses here. We are committed to providing quality fuels, such as the Shell FuelSave Diesel, to help customers improve their fuel efficiency. It is our hope that the new Shell FuelSave Diesel will help our partners make the most of their fuel, regardless of whether they\'re a large, established fleet, a newly established SME business or an everyday road warrior like our taxi drivers.\"

To find out more about Shell FuelSave Diesel, please visit www.shell.com.sg/fuelsave-diesel