Really Something | Renault Megane RS

BY Joel Tam

It might have grown up a little, but the Megane RS is still a proper hooligan's car - and for once - looks pretty damn good too!

Photos: Low Fai Ming & Joel Tam

I'll go straight to the point. I love this little yellow pavement burner. From the moment I laid eyes on it, the car had my pulse racing. Let's be honest, Meganes of old were never very pretty, the hatchback in particular was hideous. But the new Megane however, is simply beautiful. And the RS with its flared arches and contrasting front bumper, oozes of pure visual aggression!

Swing the door open and there's more to like. Gorgeous Recaros finished in grey fabric with yellow accents and stitchings, matching yellow seat belts, matt carbon fibre accents on the dashboard, a yellow tachometer a la Ferrari F430 style and a cool RS Monitor that displays real-time data, enabling the driver to modify the throttle pedal mapping, measure quarter mile runs or 0-100km/h timings. Cool.

The drive though, is the real deal clincher. Renault spent 7 months tuning the suspension to give you handling that is nothing short of magic. Specced with the Cup chassis (which is some 15 per cent stiffer than that of the Sport) and a limited slip differential, the car successfully melds all 250bhp and its superb handling to deliver one grippy adrenalin pumping ride. I was personally craving for a higher rev limit, simply because the car redlined so effortlessly.

For Renault, the RS abbreviation may stand for Renault Sport, but for me, it's Really Shiok! Either way, this car is undoubtedly, Really Something.

0-100km/h in 6.1 seconds. Only available in a manual transmission though.

If you're getting one, go for the Sport Yellow or Glacier White. Hmmm, then again, the Extreme Blue might compliment the yellow accents too...

Matt black wheels look aggressive and purposeful on this hot hatch. Contrasts well with the yellow paint and red Brembo calipers too.

Interior finishing is much improved with a real solid build to it.

Fabric was chosen so it really holds you down when you're pulling the crazy G's this car can make.

Everything inside reminds you that you're driving something special.

Renault Sport, magicians in their own right.

RS Monitor allows driver to change throttle maps. New multi-stage ESP system allows the driver to select between three different driving modes. You can switch the system off completely, have it fully engaged or select a mid-way program that allows a small amount of slip before intervening and reducing the flow of torque to the front wheels.

Aluminum race pedals - the tools your feet will use to make this car dance.

Loud but super cool yellow seat belt straps.

250bhp and 340Nm of torque is available from as low down as 3,000rpm to deliver flexible road and track performance.

Lovely stylised rear lamps and light clusters.