Porsche 904/8 Carrera GTS First Time In South East Asia

BY Joel Tam

A legendary car, integral in Porsche’s illustrious history in motorsports was flown in to Singapore from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Here's what we got while the 904/8 Carrera GTS was in town.

Photos: Joel Tam

The Porsche 904, also known as the Porsche Carrera GTS, was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and introduced in 1963. GT Homologation rules stated that at least 100 examples needed to be produced in a twelve month time period. Porsche knew that selling 100 race cars would be difficult so they built the 904 as a street legal race car. Three prototypes were built and tested vigorously near the close of 1963. Modifications and enhancements were applied and the 908 was officially displayed to the public in November of 1963. In less than a month after its debut, almost all 90 examples were spoken for and by April of 1964, the 100 units had been constructed. 

Some 904s did receive a six and eight cylinder engine throughout its 2 year production life span, these vehicles were referred to as 904/6 and 904/8. Not enough of these larger engine versions were built to be homologated so they raced in the prototype class. The example that graced our shores (what you see here) was the 904/8 8-cylinder powered race car.