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The Caltex Techron — Burnpavement Reader Survey

BY Azfar Hashim

Our final panelist, Benjamin Chew, fed his French MPV only Caltex Diesel with Tehcron D and came away with these...

Being a family man is no easy task - all daddies out there would surely agree. And as part of that, one of the main tasks is definitely to always drive the entire family around in comfort. Which was why Benjamin chose the Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dCi as the family’s steed – besides comfort, there is ample space and decent power output for his needs.

He clocks a good amount of mileage weekly, shuttling his wife and princess around. “Daddy duties, hence clocking high mileage is a norm”, he said with a wide smile when we met up with him.

We then asked why he specifically picked a diesel MPV. “Keeping in mind all that shuttling, I told myself a diesel should be the best solution - I don’t have to visit the pump too often thanks to the good fuel economy. Haven’t looked back since.”

However he brought up a very good point. “There are so many brands of diesel out there, and you really need to choose the right one to stick to for peace of mind.”

And ever since he switched over to Caltex Diesel with Techron D, he noticed how his MPV now runs smoother with less vibration from the diesel engine. “Plus it also revs more freely with a more responsive throttle response!” he added.

“Journeys become more bearable, that’s for sure. It takes some stress of driving (with kids) off my mind.”

He has decided to stick to Caltex Diesel with Techron D for now. When asked for a takeaway, Benjamin has this to say: “It isn’t the cheapest diesel around after putting into account all discounts, but when you see and feel the improvement in engine performance, the price difference is definitely worth it!”

There, another happy camper.