Travel back to 1965 with Audi

BY Jonathan Lim

Time to break out the rose-tinted glasses and catch a glimpse of Singapore life 50 years ago, thanks to Audi Singapore.

Remember the "SG50 Time Machine" we told you Audi was developing as a gift to the nation for its golden jubilee? Well, the work has been completed and is now available for the public to enjoy. And unlike another famous car-based time machine, you don't need to be travelling at 88mph to experience this one.

At an exclusive VIP event at The Fullerton Hotel, titled 'A Drive Back in Time', over 100 guests, including prominent faces from the worlds of television, radio and business, took a round trip ride in a fleet of Audi A6s straight through Singapore's Civic District circa 1965.

Equipped with a specially designed headset powered by the new LG G4 smartphone, guests enjoyed a multi-sensory 3D experience of 1965 Singapore, complete with interactive landscapes, buildings, roads and pedestrians.

A narrative voiceover by local singer-songwriter and Audi Singapore Brand Ambassador, Dick Lee, was also played over the car's speakers to guide the virtual tour.

Members of the public interested in catching a glimpse at what our city-state was like at the time of its independence can visit http://adrivebackintime.sg/ to reserve a slot for this experience. Alternatively, walk-in registrations at The Fullerton Hotel will be accepted, subject to availability of time slots. The event will be on from 17th to 25th October 2015.

If you're not able to get a slot and attend the event though, don’t worry. The SG50 Time Machine app will be available for download on both iOS and Android systems, where you can still check out the sights no matter where you are, even after the event has ended.

"Singapore has made tremendous progress in the 50 years since its independence. Audi will take you back in time to see how far Singapore has developed. This is Audi's gift to Singapore for the jubilee celebration," said Jeff Mannering, Managing Director for Audi Singapore.

The only question now is, what will Audi roll out for the country for SG100?