The Pit


BY Joel Tam

We catch up with our second panelist, Jason Lie, who tested a month's worth of Caltex petrol with Techron.

As a father of two (and one more on the way), Jason Lie is constantly maximising the use of his 2.0-litre Toyota Wish. “My wife and I use this car a lot to get from home to work, to church, to school and to my in-law’s place. The Toyota Wish is a great car. It is fairly frugal, fuel consumption wise, and has just the right amount of power to carry out all our duties efficiently. We’re keen to find out how Caltex Techron fares against the regular fuel we use from a certain three-letter brand”, Jason says with a laugh.

After a month of using Caltex petrol with Techron, Jason was ready to share his thoughts. We caught up with him to get his verdict; and he was rather excited to say the least.

Eager to share his thoughts, Jason was all smiles the minute we saw him. “It really feels a lot more powerful. Pick up is smoother and the car feels livelier even with a full load onboard”, he shared enthusiastically. “I can’t be imagining things because my wife feels the same too!” he added.

With the high daily usage, Jason was able to feel the benefits of a cleaner engine. One of the advantages he managed to see was the extra mileage Caltex fuel gave him. “Compared to my regular fuel, I must say that each tank of Caltex Techron allows me go further. At least by 10% more.” he said.

"I may not be an engineer, but I do know that there's a difference in using Caltex fuel. Especially in the area of performance, the extra feel of power and the smooth acceleration - that was very obvious from just the first tank!" Jason shared. "Let me just add that these are really my honest findings!" he ended with a smile.