Road Star | Mazda Miata MX-5 (NB series)

BY Joel Tam

Second Generation Mazda MX-5 still a sexy little thing to behold, but the real beauty is in the way it drives.

Photos: Joel Tam

"Jinba Ittai". A Japanese term used in the development inspiration for the Mazda MX-5. The term means that the horse and its rider must be as one in order to be perfect in battle. The philosophy is clearly embodied in every MX-5, all you need to do to experience it, is to ride... I mean, drive one.

Like me, you may have heard of how great the MX-5 is, but scoffed at the puny 1.6-litre engine found in most of them. Well don't, because power isn't everything, and with the MX-5, this couldn't be more true. You just need to strap yourself in one and from the first corner to the next, you'll experience a driving sensation I dare say you've never felt before. The car doesn't just respond to your inputs, it draws you in and involves you.

It's so good, when I drove this silver beauty featured here last year, I immediately went out to get one for myself.

This second generation model is truly a supreme example. Lovingly maintained and fitted only with the best parts, every bit of this car was researched thoroughly before anything was installed. From the genuine OEM Mazda 16" wheels to the imported sound system developed for optimum sound quality during top-down driving, this car has the bits to make the smile on your face from driving ecstasy even wider.

Just last week, I found out that this roadster is actually for sale. Call 9028 4368 if you want to view this really fine example of a Miata. The owner is reluctantly looking for a new owner for his MX-5 because he has just committed to a new car, another MX-5.