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The Caltex Techron – Burnpavement Reader Survey

BY Azfar Hashim

We share our honest findings after several tanks full of Caltex Platinum 98 with Techron.


As mentioned in my previous article, I drive a neglected 8 year-old hatchback that was given, well, minimal care. That was until recently when the car started to show signs of aging that I started to pay extra attention and give it the TLC it needed once again.

Part of this new ‘showers of love’ towards the car included giving it better fuel to run on. That's where Caltex Platinum 98 with Techron came into play.

Yes I know that this is truly a 'layman' test. After all, I’m no engineer and I’m gauging this test based on my daily experience without any fancy gadgets or special tools. But...

... let's face it, in the real world, who knows your car best? It's you! It’s not merely psychological but we - as the owner of our own car/s - are the only ones who can really tell if a product works on our car.

And I would like to attest that Caltex’s Platinum 98 with Techron worked wonders right after the second full tank.

Previously I was using 95 unleaded petrol from another brand. Again I must emphasize that I did not bother much - economically speaking, as long as the car could move, it’s good enough for my car. I would usually rev the engine to about 4,500 rpm each time in gears one and two just to get the car in motion without pissing off the driver behind me. On top of that, the engine sounds strained when some hard driving were involved. Yes, I just lived with it.

Noticeably from the third tankful onwards, the engine needed less effort to move off and I could shift up at 3,500 rpm instead – even with two additional passengers. On top of that while cruising along the expressway, the engine seem less coarse than before. As a whole, it definitely feels more effortless to drive now – something I highly appreciate, as this daily driver of mine is somewhat providing additional comfort to make driving a less tedious affair. Caltex definitely delivered what was said on their label with this one.

I’m now coming to my fifth tank of Platinum 98 with Techron, and I must say I am very comfortable using it all thanks to the fact that it does make a difference for my daily driving results. Now I don’t think I would want to ever go back to the days of unleaded 95 and having to work the engine harder just to get a move on.

Of course, there's no better way to experience it than to try it for yourself. Give it a chance and try it for two to three full tanks. I'm sure you would feel the benefits too!

In the following few articles, we will get three of our readers who tested a range of Caltex fuels to share their feedback. Stay tuned!

In the following few articles, we will get three of our readers who tested a range of Caltex fuels to share their feedback. Stay tuned!