I Bought One: Lotus Elise 1.8 (M)

BY Joel Tam

About six months ago, we decided to swap our Golf GTI for this sexy little number. Here's a quick intro to the car we got.

First things first, I must apologise for not updating this section for some time now. Since our Mazda MX-5, we've had several cars in our Burnpavement stable - a Subaru STI Spec C, a Honda Civic SiR EK4, a Volkswagen Golf GTI, and more recently, a Lotus Elise Series 2. 

It's been a love-hate relationship (mostly love) ever since. But one thing's for sure, everything you've read about the Elise is true - it's a seriosuly fun car to drive. The car came with some odd-sized aftermarket wheels. So we swapped them for a genuine set of lightweight Club Racer wheels from a Series 3 Elise. We also added a fibre front lip, a GT4 wing and carbon fibre side scoops. More updates on this 860 kg track car-for-the-road soon.