Flash Forward | Opel Insignia 2.0 Turbo

BY Joel Tam

The lightning bolt symbol on the Opel logo finally makes sense with this quick and potent executive sedan, aptly named the Insignia.

Car owners are a funny lot. We want everything, space, power, style and comfort. On top of that, we want the car 'affordable'. Which in truth, is an extremely subjective term.

Enter the Opel Insignia. Now, you might be guessing that I'm about to say that the Insignia has got everything, well I'm not, and it doesn't. But it does come quite close to having it all.

For starters, the spacious interior will hold five adults comfortably, and the car will take these five people anywhere, fast! For beneath the hood of the Insignia, lies a 220bhp turbo charged two-litre engine which is highly efficient in performance as well as fuel economy and road tax friendly. Power delivery through the six speed automatic is responsive and creamy smooth with 350Nm of torque available. There is no sporty engine rumble as this is a refined four cylinder unit, but in turn, you get a quiet and well-mannered ride. Body control is typical conti rigid, and the suspension copes well with any surface you can throw at it.

On the styling end, the Insignia scores well with its clean and sleek lines. In a dark colour, the masculine contours serve well to give it a prominent stance worthy of its teutonic origins. I did find that the headlamps looked under-styled though, almost like a Camry's.

So its fast and looks ok, but is it comfortable? With ventilated ergonomic sports seats designed by experts and doctors in Germany, here is a car capable of long hauls down the North South highway at a top speed of 240km/h, while providing lumbar support that is second to none.

Finally, throw in a 7-speaker premium audio system, cruise-control, adaptive bi-xenon lamps, FlexiRide with personalised Sports Mode and a host of other 'geeky' features, the Insignia certainly looks set to have it all. Except that it still lacks that X-factor its German rivals so easily exude. Don't let that hold you back though, because the Insignia is a highly accomplished executive sports sedan, and you won't be wasting your time taking it for a drive.

Insignia corners well on stock 18" wheels. Steering feel is well weighted.

Handsome executive sedan blends well with any commercial backdrop.

Sleek swooping lines extend all the way to the back.

Multi-function steering wheel controls audio and cruise control.

Robust interior is stylish and well-made.

Integrated audio with MP3 employs 7 premium speakers for sound.

Smooth and rapid unit lacks character but gets the job done very well.

Seats are snug and wrapped in leather, leg room is decent.

I'd choose the optional 20" wheels rather than these common looking set.