Edutainment Fun At The Bosch Automotive CARnival

BY Keegan Gan

The Bosch CARnival aims to drive home the message that prevention is better than cure when it comes to car maintenance.

The inaugural Bosch Automotive CARnival was nothing short of festive with as much as 800 drivers attending the event that was held at Dempsey Hill last Saturday on 14 Aug 2010.

Car ownership as many of us would know is never easy in Singapore. Apart from the usual costs associated with owning a car such as rising fuel prices, ERP charges and the monthly car installments, there are many other problems that a vehicle will potentially encounter. Drivers often send their cars to a workshop for repair or maintenance without knowing what really goes into the engine of their car, and Bosch the world’s leading automotive parts and services provider hopes to rectify that via public education.

Among the important car maintenance tips shared by Bosch were top ten potential risks that cars in Singapore face. These include brake and airbag systems failure; faulty steering system, battery, wipers, lights and door locking mechanism; worn-out tyres; as well as electrical system and engine malfunctions.

Apart from knowledge sharing, car owners and motoring enthusiasts were also treated to a wide range of activities to entertain the entire family. Besides useful car maintenance tips, they also learn about Bosch’s 10 categories of automotive products and why they are every driver’s 'must-haves'. Approximately 120 cars were also registered in-situ at the Bosch Car Service Workshop at Dempsey Hill to enjoy complimentary car diagnosis with mechanics pointing out potential risks that cars might face, and owners making appointments with Bosch Car Service workshops for further inspections to rectify problems. Such was the popularity of the Bosch Car Service Workshop at Dempsey, queues started to form as early as 8am in the morning.

Public education aside, the Bosch Automotive CARnival also organised loads of exciting activities for the public that include a lucky draw with top prizes of a five-star hotel stay in Vietnam, an i-Pad and a LCD TV. Visitors were also treated to exciting race games, a female wiper blade challenge for the ladies to compete on who could be the fastest to change wiper blades, product catwalk featuring race queens and hourly product discounts.