Readers' Rides

Grey Hound | Scirocco 2.0TSI

BY Joel Tam

This monochromatic Scirocco is sleek and quick. With some add-on bits and an MTM Stage 1 tune, it's pretty much all you'll need to 'roc and roll.

Photos: Syed Ahmad

The standard 2-litre turbocharged unit found in the Scirocco is by no means a slouch, but hey, we always want more don't we. So the owner fo this grey unit has employed an MTM Stage 1 reflash. MTM is a VW and Audi tuner that is based in Wettstetten Germany, and they have a knack for making good better.

A Stage 1 tune will garner 270 hp (199 kW) via a tweaking of the ECU and can go all the way up stage IV which develops 310 hp. Pretty awesome. For added air and exhaust flow, a Pipercross filter and Ragazzon Quad Exhaust was fitted. If you want to go fast, you need to stop fast, so a set of Audi TTRS 4-pot brakes provide ample stopping power - a good choice - since they do well to stop the 340bhp Audi too.

Aside from the go-fast bits, this car is adorned with a clean and neat JMS/Rieger Body Kit and lovely, but rather common, 19" Breyton GTS-AV wheels.