Helping Less Privileged Students Build Dreams

BY Azfar Hashim

Caltex and People’s Association continue to build dreams with students from less privileged background, with motivational overnight camp

The ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ programme, in its third year running, returns with an inaugural two-day residential camp for students from less privileged background. Caltex has furthered their partnership with the People’s Association (PA) to build social capital and deepen engagement with the community.

The Caltex PAssion for Kids programme was first launched in 2012. Now into its third year, the programme seeks to extend its community outreach efforts to about 150 students from less privileged background, aged 11 to 14, from PA’s 8 T-Net Club (Teens Network Club) as well as students (i.e. from eight schools) under the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS).

This year’s programme marks the first time that an overnight element has been introduced, with students participating in a residential camp at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) campus. A group of 20 Trainers from PA will motivate students through positive reinforcement, focusing on the 3Cs of Life - “Choices, Changes, Chances”. The camp consists of several workshops which are especially customised for the participants by the 20 PA Trainers. An elective component with team-building activities - such as obstacle courses, station games, trekking and camp fire presentations - is designed to enhance their academic knowledge, social skills, build self-confidence and encourage teamwork.

In the spirit of giving back, participants from last year’s programme will be returning to share their experiences and offer mentorship to this year’s beneficiaries. “Last year, I learnt about teamwork, leadership and made lasting friendship. It was encouraging for me and I wanted to share that experience with this year’s batch, and hopefully motivate them to dream big, as my previous PA Trainers had instilled in me,” commented Pravin S/O Chandran, a 16-year-old who is one of the returning beneficiaries from the 2013 programme. This year’s programme will culminate in a graduation ceremony to be held on 22 June 2014, where the participating students are encouraged to highlight their achievements and learnings.

“Having seen first-hand the success of the past two programmes and the valuable impact on the beneficiaries, we are continuing the journey again for a third time. Through the overnight camp, these students are offered the right balance of core and elective modules that will further impart life skills, benefitting them in the long run. It’s all about making the journey educational and enjoyable for everyone,” said John Sam, Caltex Retail Manager, Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd.  

“People’s Association is glad to partner Caltex on the ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ project for the third year running. The ‘Caltex PAssion for Kids’ exemplifies the spirit of ‘A Community with Heart’. It’s heartening to see both the private and public sector coming together with the common goal of wanting to better our community, especially in helping our youths. We definitely hope to see more of these programmes in the future,” added Mr. Chia Tze Yee, Group Director (Engagement Cluster-Lifestages), PA.

Through its continued partnership with PA, Caltex aims to equip financially disadvantaged students with essential life skills, and continues to support Singapore’s continued focus on education as the key to social mobility and an important social leveller.