Wearnes Introduces Unique Customer Feedback System

BY Azfar Hashim

First automotive distributor to develop a propriety software programme for instant customer feedback; rolls out in seven markets

Wearnes Automotive has rolled out a real-time customer feedback system across seven countries. This system includes an application, Wearnes Customer Online Response & Engagement (Wearnes CORE), which sends instant alerts to service managers and senior management whenever there is a service lapse.

The brainchild of Wearnes Automotive Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andre Roy and his team, Wearnes CORE aims to resolve any issues or dissatisfaction that a customer has experienced before he leaves the service centre. A proprietary iPad programme and application have been specially developed for this system.

Wearnes CORE solicits quick and instant feedback from customers who have taken their cars to Wearnes Automotive for servicing. Customers can grade their overall experience as ‘Impressive’, ‘Good’ or ‘Could Be Better’ on an iPad presented to them upon completion of a job. By offering only three options, we avoid any ambiguities resulting from cultural or translational biases. Every time a customer selects ‘Could Be Better’, an SMS and email alert is sent to the brand’s service manager. This allows Wearnes Automotive to respond to the situation immediately. In the majority of cases, the service manager is able to speak to the customer before they leave the service centre and resolve any issues or concerns.

To demonstrate Wearnes Automotive’s commitment to exemplary customer service, all showrooms across all car marques in the entire network will house a specially designed monitor to show the level of customer satisfaction in the region for the month.

Mr Andre Roy commented, “This new system complements our monthly customer feedback survey and allows us to act immediately. We have noticed that a lot of times, customer dissatisfaction stems from misunderstandings that can be easily resolved on the spot. This system alerts us to this so that any service lapse is addressed before customers leave the service centres."

He continues, "We started piloting Wearnes CORE in Wearnes’ Volvo Car service centre in Singapore and the rollout across all workshops in the region is almost complete, with the system already in place in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, with Vietnam in progress. As we expand across the region, it is extremely vital for us to have a monitoring system to know that we are maintaining our service quality in each and every market. The regional roll-out ensures that there will be a benchmark of our service quality across all Wearnes service centres.”