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Simplify and add lightness | Caterham CSR200

BY Joel Tam

Never before available in Singapore, one private owner has successfully registered an extremely unique sports car - the Cosworth powered Caterham Super 7 CSR200.

Photos: Joel Tam

Based in Caterham, Surrey, England, Caterham Cars are known for manufacturing specialist lightweight sportscars. Their sole model, the Caterham 7, is based on the classic 1968 Series 3 Lotus Seven designed by Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars and from whom the famous quote "Simplify and add lightness." came from.

After Lotus announced its intention to discontinue the model, Caterham Cars, a major Lotus 7 dealer during the 1960s, purchased the rights to continue manufacturing the Seven design from Chapman in 1973. Still widely regarded by car enthusiasts and the media as one of the iconic sports cars of the 20th century, the Seven still enjoys strong support and success in clubman-style racing till this very day.

An astoundingly fast car, the CSR200 is one of the latest in the range of Sevens available by Caterham. Powered by a 200bhp 2.3-litre Cosworth developed Ford engine and weighing only 575kg, this translates to a power-to-weight ratio of 347bhp-per-tonne, accelerating the car to 100km/h from standstill in 3.7 seconds. That's faster than many other supercars costing 3 times the price.

While not exactly great 'value for money', this is undoubtedly a very special car. It will even make a Lamborghini look 'common' beside it. The car is now exclusively available for sale at Hui Hua Credit. Call Soon at 9762 7899 to view this exceptional car.

Caterham did well to keep this classic and sporty model alive till this modern age. CSR's new suspension system required adjustments to the chassis, resulting in 25 percent increase in torsional stiffness.

Raw experience means no roof and doors, so only dry weather driving please.

Classic 60's styling still looks cool in a retro way. Large nose cone complete with a floor mounted chin combine to reduce the front end lift by 50 percent.

This is pure no power steering, no-nonsense, no-frills driving.

Instrument dials are there only because you need them, otherwise they would likely have been chucked out too.

Strap in, fire up and get ready to fly. Only hardcore drivers need apply.

Wrapped in Avon tyres, the Formula Three engineered 15-inch tyres measure 10 inches wide at the rear to assist traction and handling.

The one and only.

Nicely set exhaust tips on each end of the chrome-finished muffler.

Purebred English power in an English classic sports car.

Badged with Seven's 50th anniversary logo.