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Forget The Smartphone. Here's To The Smartcar!

BY Joel Tam

There's a new device in town and it promises to make your car smarter than it already is.

Imagine a future where your car is able to monitor and tell you its whereabouts (that will be especially useful if you've just lent your son your prized ride for the evening). Well that future might just have arrived already. A local company has engineered a device that will allow you to do just that, and more! Clickdrive is a clever little gadget that will connect your car to your phone and to the cloud, and is compatible with almost all cars that have an OBD port.

Think of it as a smartphone for your car. Aside from the default apps that come with the device, independent coders will be able to create almost any app to make it work with the car. Some functions and apps that have already been created include:

Notify your friends and family and automatically get help if you have a breakdown or accident.
Monitor your family's cars from anywhere. Receive speed alerts and notifications when your kids have reached home safely.
Constantly monitors your car to catch the little problems before they become big problems.
With the secure Drive Data Recorder you have all the proof you need if you get into an accident.
Saves you money and reduces emissions by matching your driving style to your car's unique fuel efficiency profile.

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The only catch is this; it's not quite ready for sale. Clickdrive's creators have gone the way of sourcing for crowd funding to begin mass production. So if you're keen on having one, visit the link above to learn more and be a part of this pioneering technology now! Lookout for more updates on our Facebook page too, we'll keep you readers posted on the latest developments with Clickdrive!