Eurokars City Centre

BY Joel Tam

Eurokars Group unveils plans for all-new Eurokars City Centre. State-of-the-art automobile facilities to be housed in a five-storey complex for Porsche, Rolls-Royce and MINI customers.

Customers of Porsche, Rolls-Royce and MINI can look forward to a bigger sales and service facilities to meet their needs with the opening of the new Eurokars City Centre in 2012. The S$35 million dollar project is the brainchild of Mr. Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman of the Eurokars Group, and when completed, it will provide customers with shorter waiting time, upgraded facilities and an all-encompassing ownership experience.
With the redevelopment taking place, Porsche Centre Singapore will operate from its interim city centre showroom and aftersales facilities at 23 Leng Kee Road, while Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Singapore will have its interim showroom located at 5 Leng Kee Road and aftersales facilities at 12 Sungei Kadut Avenue. Meanwhile, MINI Habitat Singapore will continue its showroom operation at 27 Leng Kee Road with its aftersales facilities moved to 23 Leng Kee Road during the tenure of redevelopment.
Housing three of Eurokars Group’s most premium brands – Porsche, Rolls-Royce and MINI – in one building with luxurious facilities and individualised showrooms, the new Eurokars City Centre will take up 7129m2 in floor space and will comprise five storeys above-ground complete with car lifts, basement and rooftop parking for the convenience of all Eurokars customers.
Besides the stylish facade and interiors, customers to the new Eurokars City Centre can also look forward to a more conducive and convenient environment when they visit the showrooms or arrive for car servicing or maintenance. The 312m2 customer lounge will come fully equipped with everything that would help enhance the customer experience – it will feature a full service bar, Wi-Fi, magazines, personalisation area, and a merchandise boutique among others.
Said Mr. Karsono Kwee, Executive Chairman of the Eurokars Group, “My aim for this redevelopment project is to provide top-notch quality and excellent service to our customers. And I believe the new Eurokars City Centre will allow us to achieve this aim. With the planned development of the Eurokars City Centre, it also means we are well poised to take on planned expansion plans. The new Eurokars City Centre is also a timely demonstration of our commitments to the brands we represent here in Singapore.”
New Eurokars City Centre to cater to needs of Porsche, Rolls-Royce and MINI

Careful thought was put into the overall design of the new Eurokars City Centre, particularly with Porsche, Rolls-Royce and MINI each embodying very distinct brand identities. As a result, each brand will have its own dedicated fascia and interior spaces will be designed as per their respective corporate identities and guidelines for separate and effective operations.
Porsche in Eurokars City Centre – Delivering the ultimate Porsche buying experience

Porsche has been growing and expanding in recent years, especially with the latest addition of the luxurious Panamera Gran Turismo introduced in 2009.  In line with the wider range of Porsche models and growing customer group, Stuttgart Auto is redeveloping the Porsche Centre. The future showroom will feature eight Porsche cars on display, two times bigger than the previous display area. Customers and fans of the Porsche brand can also look forward to a brand new Porsche Design Driver’s Selection Shop-In-Shop concept store, offering everything from apparels, watches and accessories to miniature Porsche model cars.
Rolls-Royce in Eurokars City Centre – Space within a Space

The first Rolls-Royce showroom to open in the Asia Pacific region in 2003, the brand currently has five models; the Phantom family and the latest addition, Rolls-Royce Ghost. The brand new showroom, upon completion, will have the capacity to display four cars with its increase in floor area from the existing 161m2 to about 500m2. The showroom will reflect the latest global corporate identity of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, which is synonymous with elegance, luxury and exceptional quality with a contemporary feel. The overall objective is to create a tranquil and relaxing environment; one which delights the senses with sophisticated simplicity, for esteemed customers - particularly useful for lengthy sessions spent detailing bespoke requirements or options, all part of the process of commissioning of a Rolls-Royce.
MINI in Eurokars City Centre – Sporty, ingenious, in a class of its own
In 2006, the first ever MINI Habitat, developed by Eurokars Group, was officially opened to the public. Voted as the best MINI Showroom in the world in 2009 at the International MINI Dealer Conference which was held in London, the new showroom will still encompass the vibrant colours, quirky designs and trademarks of the MINI brand. Currently housing six models and with more to arrive, MINI customers can also look forward to a more spacious and better equipped Aftersales department as part of the new development to further enhance their MINI experience.