First exclusive BMW M Showroom opens its doors in Singapore

BY Joel Tam

Singapore is now home to the world's first BMW M Showroom. We drop in with the who's who in the industry to witness the launch of the sleek new Munich Automobiles Showroom and Service Centre.

Photos: Joel Tam

Munich Automobiles promises to deliver more than just the regular showroom experience with the BMW M showrrom.  To quench the appetite of high-performance car aficionados, the showroom will bring to life both the heritage and present day experience of the cutting-edge BMW M series.

The interactive soundwall for example, will allow enthusiasts to revel in the seductive purr of the different M engines through headphones. Serious fans can also soak in the history of the cult series with a visually-led heritage wall chronologically outlining key milestones since its inception in 1972. They can also share their BMW M experiences in the VIP room where a wall is dedicated to photographs taken by fans of their defining BMW M moments.

Upon entering the showroom, visitors are greeted at a contemporary reception and are invited to enjoy the bar and catch up with other guests in a comfortable lounge area. Not only can visitors purchase the latest BMW M3, X6M, X5M and M6 models, but the showroom also retails BMW M accessories and offers servicing for all BMW cars with its cutting edge equipment.

BMW M owners who send in their car for servicing will receive top-level service and can even enjoy the rare experience of viewing their car whilst it is being serviced from behind a glass screen.

Munich Automobiles Showroom and Service Centre is located at 30 Teban Gardens Crescent. It will open its doors to the public from August 2, Monday.