Rent-a-Supercars 'R Us

BY Burnpavement

Always wanted to drive a supercar but never had the means to own one? Well now you can, and it doesn’t involve a life of crime!

Introducing Gran Superdrive, Singapore’s first supercar membership club, that will allow its members access to a fleet of sports and supercars most mortals can only dream of. This follows the concept of other similar establishments overseas, such as the P1 Supercar Club or Classic Car Club Manhattan. 

The Gran Superdrive fleet currently stands at 12 cars, ranging from the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari F430, down to the Porsche Boxster S and BMW M3. The range also boasts a Jaguar F-Type, one of the first to be registered in Singapore. Apart from increasing the numbers, the club also aims to keep the fleet young, replacing cars as they age.

Access to the cars is members-only, with four tiers of membership ranging from Basic (S$10,000) to VIP (S$100,000). Based on tier, members will also receive up to 60% of bonus credits, as well as discounted rates for the cars. for example, a person on a VIP membership will receive a total of S$160,000 in credits with which he can use to rent the cars, such as a Gallardo for S$2,500 per day. As an added bonus, Gran Superdrive claims their rates are up to S$500 cheaper as compared to other rental companies with similar exotica. Other perks such as free pickup and delivery will be available to the higher tiers.

Apart from just renting out the supercars, the club also wants to be a platform that will allow its members to network and mingle, facilitating the social aspect of the club by organizing driving tours, trackdays and exclusive social gatherings.

Gran Superdrive will be holding its official launch event on Saturday, 4th August at the Marriott Hotel. Interest so far has been very strong for the 100 available places at the launch.