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Plantronics | Voyager pro

BY Burnpavement

Unless you’re a telephone operator, you’re unlikely to think the Plantronics Voyager PRO as discreet, but function over form is the name of the game.

When you drive, you ought to keep your eyes on the road instead of yakking away on the phone with only one arm steering the car! In fact some of you might scoff at the idea of using hands-free kits, but truth be told, these are gadgets that can potentially save your driving license and your life while making a call at the same time. And that is exactly what the Plantronics Voyager Pro can do and even more.

Firstly let's take a look at the aesthetics of this nifty little toy. At first glance, you might mistake the Voyager Pro to be an earpiece of a telemarketeer and it's hard not to think that way, but as we go through the gadget, bear in mind that this product is function over form, and after taking a few more glances, I am sure you will start to like it gradually. In terms of colour scheme, Plantronics has opted for a more sedate approach with the usage of black and gray, giving it a more business like look. As for overall design, the Voyager Pro is nowhere as compact as some other hands-free kits in the market such as the Plantronics Discovery 975, but compactness was never tops on the Voyager Pro's design team's list, but this is where functionality comes into play as the Voyager PRO is designed to cling snugly to the area behind your ear which is why it is a tad larger than other hands-free kits. The two main reasons for the Voyager Pro's design are firstly, the fitment of a battery as large as possible for usage durability and secondly, provide comfort during prolonged use.

As for the functional aspect, altogether there are four buttons on the device. The power-on key is next to the LED indicator that shows the current battery status, with the volume controlled via two buttons located just above and lastly the Call Control Button which is located facing the ear tip and that is the button used for answering and rejecting calls. Using the headset was easy and intuitive, especially if you've used Bluetooth headsets before and pairing the headset with a variety of phones was pretty much easy. Usage wise, making or receiving calls with the Voyager Pro was effortless with the headset possessing a good range and reception.