A 'Selfish' Celebration

BY Burnpavement

The Raging Bull turns 50 this year. We weren’t expecting it when the Veneno was unveiled at Geneva, and we certainly weren’t expecting this, the Egoista.

Do you remember how you (or your parents) celebrated their 50th birthday? Perhaps a huge party with many friends was thrown, or perhaps a quiet dinner for the family? Either way, it’s pretty safe to say there probably hasn’t been a birthday gift quite like this: a 600bhp V10-engined, fighter jet-inspired single seater supercar even more insane than Bruce Wayne himself (because let’s face it, it takes a special kind of loony to dress up like a bat and single-handedly go after the world’s most hardcore criminals).

Even by Lamborghini’s own admission the Egoista isn’t something to be shared. Its name is literally the Italian term for ‘selfish’, in reference to its one seat and no-compromise approach to uniqueness and individuality.

The car’s design is heavily aviation-inspired, in particular by the Apache attack helicopter. The aluminium and carbonfibre body is coated in a radar-resistant paint, as are the orange wheels. The cockpit is accessed via a flip-up canopy with orange anti-glare glass, and features a Heads-up display not unlike one you’d find in a F16 jet. In fact, the entire cockpit itself is a separate structure from the rest of the car, and can even be ejected in case of an emergency.

In keeping with the selfish theme of this project though, Lamborghini have stated that this car will remain in their possession and will never be for sale.