The Pit

Borla® exhaust systems arrive in Singapore

BY Joel Tam

Our parent company Interpage Pte Ltd is proud to represent Borla® Performance Industries here in Singapore. One of our first few customers has fitted a Cat-Back system onto his Golf GTi Mk6.

This clean white Golf GTi Mk6 has found a new voice! Fitted with a full Cat-Back system from Borla®, the car not only saves weight and gains significant power in the mid-high rev range, it finally sounds the way it should!

Co-developed in Borla®'s European factory, the Golf systems (GTi Mk5 - Mk6 and Golf TSi Mk6) are a perfect plug and play system which are extremely easy to install.

Listen to the video and hear the deep bassy growl this GTi now has - pay special attention at 00:24 - 00:30 for the rich overrun gurgle.