We Are Back!

It all started with a T-shirt.

I remember buying a cheap t-shirt off a bargain table one day, it had a Pontiac Sunfire on it, and above it read the words: "Burn pavement, not money.", which implied that the car was fast yet affordable. Those were days before 'pasar-malam' car t-shirts were made readily available, so I bought it and it became my favourite cotton-top for awhile.

Email was a new thing then (yes, it was that long ago), my wife (then girlfriend) thought it was a good idea to sign me up for my first Internet account with the then popular Pacific Internet.
So it was, my email address, inspired by my favourite tee - burnpavement@pacific.net.sg.

That was 10 years ago.

Not long after having my first email, I picked up some web design skills and decided to build a website for local car enthusiasts, no prizes for guessing what the domain name was going to be. Within a month, Burnpavement.com was born. Along with a friend, we searched in local carparks, SMSA events, Auto Salons/exhibitions for cars to feature. We reviewed 2 cars per week and gathered automotive news for all our viewers.

The site was HOT! Early forum users during the days of Delphi Forums (Car Torque, Singapore Honda Club, etc) visited the site daily and left their encouraging comments in the guest book. I had viewership from as far as the US, and Burnpavement.com was featured in Sport Compact Car magazine (I still have the copy)!

Photography was and still is a key feature of Burnpavement.com, and I'm proud to have introduced the influx of dynamic low-angled, high contrast photos of cars back then.

Eventually though, I had to give it up. I tried to revive it a few times, after friends and even strangers kept bugging me to bring it back.
But settling down with kids and a busy work schedule meant shelving it time and again.

The definitive performance portal.

This time though, I'm in front of my Mac again, determined to finish what I started. Determined to load article after article of exciting yet honest content in this website where car enthusiasts from all walks of life can amalgamate, and together, create the ultimate performance portal. Yes, now you can be a real part of Burnpavement.com too.

So much has changed over the years, the cars, the technology, the drivers and the rules.
But one thing remains, the pure passion and love for cars. There's nothing I love more.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I enjoy putting it together - like I have always said, this site afterall, is for YOU.

Joel Tam